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:Wedding captured: Sophia and Chul Pt. 2

Enjoy the rest of the photos from Sophia and Chul’s wedding and thanks to Inku for allowing me to work alongside him and get the chance to meet this wonderful couple! Congrats Sophia and Chul!

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October 5, 2010 - 6:40 am

Mathijs sensei - Wow! Style-wise, this is a really really good session. I see things like the ones I've seen on film covers, so very good job here.

Picture 5 is very well composed and the B&W; gives it an extra dimension. Made me think of Reservoir Dogs.

Picture 6 is a nice variation on the still-life group portraits we have over here a lot. This one rather suggests movement and embarking on a journey if you will… So I'm totally in for that ;-) .

Very good lighting in pic 7 and sweet bokeh.

Great colours in pic 8 (yellow and purple give a nice contrast).

And pic 10 made me think of the cover of 'in the mood for love' by Wong Kar Wai (although the content of the film is slightly more tragic…)

Keep up the good work. I love stopping by here and seeing how you are growing into this photography. Kudos!



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